Why Was It Important to Launch Long Beach Jewish Life?

I created Long Beach Jewish Life because I was tired of seeing the vibrant, active and robust Greater Long Beach Jewish community -- a community with a proud heritage going back over 100 years -- largely overlooked by Jewish publications based in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Our mission at Long Beach Jewish Life is to cover the people, places and events that are of interest to the Greater Long Beach Jewish community. That means that you will not only find coverage of our local Jewish community leaders and events in Long Beach Jewish Life, but you will also find articles about the news and events that impact our community, although they may may be taking place elsewhere in the world.

You may be wondering, Why a digital magazine? The short answer is that Long Beach Jewish Life is positioned for the future, rather than mired in the past. The slightly longer answer is that traditional ink-on-paper publishing is no longer a sustainable business model.

Today, more than half of America is already consuming newspapers and magazines on their iPad, Android tablet, Smartphone, iPhone or even their personal computer's monitor. And by creating a digital magazine, Long Beach Jewish Life can provide you with a compelling mix of text, photographic, audio and video content that will enhance the way you experience each issue!

I hope that you enjoy each issue of Long Beach Jewish Life enough that you'll want to share it with family, neighbors and friends, and perhaps even choose to contribute something yourself!

Please feel free to email me at jon@lbjewishlife.com with your submissions, suggestions, ideas and commentary!

Welcome to Long Beach Jewish Life